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We got our sweet chocolate girl, Reese from Smoky Mountain Yorkies just a few months ago. We drove all the way from Wilmington, she was more than helpful to us providing pictures, videos and even a little goodie bag for us with things for our new baby girl. We are more than pleased with Reese she is beautiful, smart and an all around joy to have. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone! She truly cares about her babies and it is evident she only wants the best for them.

Smoky Mountain Yorkies is the best breeder around!! She loves all the babies as much as she loves her own fur babies!! They are all healthy, clean and well socialized. She would never sell a puppy that was not perfect in every way! I have been dealing with her for awhile now and I can tell you this I would not want to get a puppy from anyone else!! She has spoiled me

I got my Gracie from Smokey Mountain Yorkies. She was honest, easy to work with, responsive and truly cares not only about her customers but about her precious Yorkies. I would recommend Smoky Mountain Yorkies to anyone looking to add a Yorkie to their family because she breeds beautiful puppies inside and out. Thank you!!! Love, Gracie's mom!

I bought a dog named Disel from her and he is the best. Everything she said was true and he is so smart. He is about four pounds and the way she handles her customers are great. She is very friendly and always stays true to what she tells you. Thanks so much I love him.

I recommend Smoky Mtn Yorkies to everyone wanting a Happy, healthy, well socialized Yorkie. We do our very best to start them off right for their Forever families to love. Everyone needs their very own Smoky Mtn Yorkie baby to love.

I recommend Smoky Mtn Yorkies to all of my friends and family. After all I own 3 Smoky Mtn Yorkies myself. Their Yorkies come clean, healthy and well socialized. I could not have asked for better Yorkies myself. I love them all and their Yorkies.

My wife and I think Smoky Mountain Yorkies are the perfect recipe for making the most loving pups that we have ever had..Thenks again for our new additions..Y'all Rok Carolyn and David Anderson owners/breeders Anderson's Yorkies LLC

We purchased our sweet Benny from Smokey Mountain Yorkies in 2015. The moment I saw his photo, I wanted him. I have never bought a puppy from an out of state breeder before, and was very hesitant on doing so because you always hear of scams. But this was never the case with Smokey Mountain Yorkies. As soon as I inquired about Benny, Angela set up a phone interview with me to ease my worry and Iím sure her own. Angela stayed in constant contact with me and provided updates on Benny. She sent photos and videos of his progress. It was like I was there watching him grow up. When it was time for Benny to be delivered, we had a handler fly with him to us. When he arrived we were beyond satisfied. He adjusted very well to his new home and big sister Bella. He has been such a blessing to our family and is so loved by everyone he meets. Smokey Mountain Yorkies was trustworthy, fair and reliable during the entire process. We have been beyond satisfied with them and the puppy we purchased.

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